Tuvalu was initially represented in New Zealand through a Consulate in Auckland. The High Commission was established in 2015 to strengthen Tuvalu’s relations and economic cooperation with New Zealand. It is recognized that New Zealand is an important development partner for Tuvalu and home to Tuvalu’s largest diaspora community. New Zealand provides scholarships to Tuvalu and financial and technical assistance. Additionally, New Zealand’s 2019 Pacific Reset Policy demonstrates renewed commitment on the part of New Zealand to the Pacific.

The Wellington Mission strengthens the identity of Tuvalu in New Zealand, reinforces links between the Tuvaluan diaspora in New Zealand and Tuvalu, and enhances diplomatic relations with the New Zealand Government. Additionally, the Mission explores employment opportunities in the farming, fishing, seafaring, and factory-production sectors; assists with various protocol and consular matters; assists Tuvaluan scholarship students; and facilitates referrals under TMTS and the NZ medical scheme.