The TTF, which was established in 1987 to facilitate Tuvalu’s national operations, has provided greater financial autonomy for Tuvalu by creating an additional source of Government revenue supported by development partners that underpins the budget and Tuvalu’s economy as a whole. The promotion of the TTF is a key initiative in Tuvalu’s foreign engagements, and the fund dovetails with Tuvaluan values of stewardship (atafai) and being proactive (matapulapula). The fund demonstrates that Tuvalu has adopted prudent financial management and a future-looking approach to its financial security even from early in the nation’s history.

Promote and Secure Contributions for the TTF

Tuvalu advocates for the continued prudent financial management of the TTF and other similar funds to ensure the sustainability of the fund while also advancing the fund’s investment policy to maximise returns. Tuvalu will also attract contributions to the TTF from both traditional and new donor partners to ensure a set maintained value.