In the Pacific, technology and ICT are pressing issues because the region is an oceanic continent where island nations and communities are separated by sea. Enhanced connectivity assists in building stronger nations, a more united Blue Pacific Continent, and a more interconnected global society.

For Tuvalu, advocating for improved technology and ICT aligns with the concept of innovation (kiloga fou). Achieving an information society and knowledge economy is a priority for the Government of Tuvalu in attaining development goals and creating economic opportunities because it allows for a more creative and future-looking response to Tuvalu’s traditional problem of “geographic remoteness.” Because Tuvalu is “small,” which is typically seen as a weakness, the nation can actually leapfrog other nations and manoeuvre more rapidly in terms of ICT; it can become a trendsetter at the forefront of digital connectivity and develop this connectivity as a major strength. It is recognised that, with proper financing and capacity building, technology and ICT will become more widely available in Tuvalu, which will benefit the economy; governance; and the education, health, and private sectors. The Government is also currently developing an ICT policy with the hope of making Tuvalu a global player in the ICT industry.

Achieve Key Technology and ICT Goals Through International/Regional Collaboration

The Government of Tuvalu will work with international, multilateral, and bilateral partners to achieve technology and ICT goals critical to the nation. These include connecting to satellite links, submarine cables, and cloud computing; enhancing training capacity; developing a secure and ubiquitous ICT infrastructure; and deploying e-Government, e-learning, e-health, e-commerce, and e-banking services.

Furthermore, as part of the Pacific community, the Government is committed to regional integration. This means harmonising ICT policies with other Pacific states, connecting states through reliable connectivity infrastructure, and including ICT in all regional projects.

Promote the DotTV Domain Name as an ICT Asset that is Reputable, Profitable, and Representative of Tuvalu

DotTV is the country code top-level domain for Tuvalu. The domain is popular because of its connection to media/entertainment companies that broadcast via television and reflects the creativity inherent in Tuvaluan innovation. The Government of Tuvalu actively promotes the DotTV domain name in consultations with relevant stakeholders so as to instil buyer confidence and gain maximum returns from this key ICT asset. Tuvalu will also ensure that brand association for DotTV is developed so that the domain name is immediately recognised as being Tuvalu’s. Finally, the Government will promote Tuvalu as an ICT destination in discussions with bilateral partners, multilateral organisations, and companies. In this way, Tuvalu can utilise the global brand value of DotTV while also attracting new investment.

Promote Digital Diplomacy

Technology has changed concepts of time and space, as well as understandings of people-to-people relational dynamics. This makes digital diplomacy important to foreign policy, especially given the restrictions COVID-19 has imposed on physical travel and contact. Consequently, the Government encourages diplomats to use social media and video-conferencing platforms as a means of open communication between policymakers and citizens. These platforms enable countries to more effectively and directly communicate with foreign governments and other audiences, thereby contributing to achieving diplomatic goals.