Tuvalu Missions in the Americas

Tuvalu Permanent Mission to the United Nations (accredited to the United States and Cuba)

Tuvalu’s Diplomatic Relations in the Americas

CountryDate in which Diplomatic Relations Established
Argentina15 May 2018
Brazil12 May 2006
Commonwealth of Dominica26 July 2012
Cuba26 April 2006
Dominican Republic13 June 2012
Ecuador19 September 2011
El Salvador8 June 2012
Guatemala20 May 2011
Guyana28 September 2012
Haiti7 November 2012
Mexico27 September 2006
Nicaragua3 August 2011
Paraguay2 June 2011
St. Christopher and Nevis4 August 2022
St. Vincent and the Grenadines19 September 2012
The Commonwealth of the Bahamas24 June 2022
Trinidad and TobagoN/A
United States of AmericaN/A
Uruguay9 September 2011
Venezuela4 August 2021