Earlier this week Secretary to Government Mr Tapugao Falefou (PhD) highlighted the Governments relaxing of COVID measures.

This includes:

  1. 5 days home isolation has been removed effective 21 Nov 2022
  2. All public restrictions have been removed effective 21 Nov 2022
  3. RAT Test in Fiji for all inbound passengers will be removed but will continue to conduct RAT in Funafuti together with sample collection of RAT positive cases using the PCR on arrival and this is effective immediately
  4. Quarantine requirement for inbound passengers has been removed
  5. Border closure will be lifted effective 01 December 2022
  6. Normal flights will resume in December 2022 and Air Vanuatu may begin operations to Tuvalu in December 2022

More details will be uploaded and updated on the website later this week.

Tuvalu Government Buildings