Hon. Minister Simon Kofe told the COP27 climate summit it was time to look at alternative solutions for his country’s survival and this included Tuvalu becoming the first digitised nation in the metaverse – an online realm that uses augmented and virtual reality (VR) to help users interact.

“Our land, our ocean, our culture are the most precious assets of our people and to keep them safe from harm, no matter what happens in the physical world, we will move them to the cloud,” he said in the video that sees him standing on a digital replica of an islet threatened by rising sea levels.

“Today, I speak again from my country from a small island that is likely to be one of the first spots in Tuvalu to be submerged by rising sea levels,” Mr Kofe said. 

“Since COP26, the world has not acted, and so we in the Pacific have had to act.

“We’ve had to take our own precautionary steps with the Future Now project. 

Watch the full video statement at :https://www.tuvalu.tv/#

He was presenting from the first digitally recreated island in Tuvalu.