Today, the Ministry’s Acting Assistant Secretary Mr. Opetaia Simati, accompanied by Tuvalu’s High Commissioner to Wellington H.E. Feue Tipu, Deputy High Commissioner to Wellington Mrs. Palipa Lauti, and representatives from the Ministry’s Department of Foreign Affairs, hosted an induction and signing ceremony for Tuvalu’s new Legal Attache Designate to Wellington Melissa Ako! Acting Assistant Secretary Simati led a lively discussion with Legal Attache Designate Ako on Tuvalu’s Foreign Policy, Overseas Mission Policy, protocol matters, important Government and Ministry initiatives, and areas where Tuvalu’s High Commission in Wellington requires legal advice and assistance! The Ministry congratulates Legal Attache Designate Ako on her new posting and recognizes that she will be serving as the first Legal Attache ever appointed through the Government of Tuvalu! The Ministry wishes her the best of luck in her endeavors on behalf of the Government and people of Tuvalu in Wellington!