The Ministry would like to congratulate Tuvalu’s Ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan) H.E. Rt. Hon. Bikenibeu Paeniu, who this week spoke as part of the seminar “Austronesian Peoples’ Education and Language Revitalization” during the Council of Indigenous People’s “2022 Austronesian Forum─Cultivation Program of Young Talent for International Affairs”! During the seminar, H.E. Rt. Hon. Paeniu shared his perspectives on Tuvaluan culture, history, and identity and indicated that he hopes to foster a strong and sustainable partnership between Tuvalu and the indigenous peoples of Taiwan due to cultural similarities! The Ministry thanks H.E. Rt. Hon. Paeniu and the Embassy of Tuvalu in Taiwan for their participation at this event and their strong support of the Tuvaluan students who took part in this enriching program!